How to Clean a Homelite Spark Arrestor Screen

Founded in 1921 under the name Home Electric Lighting Company, Homelite is a manufacturer of power equipment for outdoor use. Homelite offers lawn and yard maintenance power tools, as well as power washers and generators. Homelite brand generators include a spark arrestor within the muffler assembly. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the spark arrestor after 50 hours of use, or as part of an annual maintenance routine. The job is fairly easy and requires only one cleaning implement.

A stiff wire brush removes debris from the spark arrestor.
  1. Remove the muffler outlet cover plate by detaching the four hex head bolts, using a socket. Pull the cover off by hand.

  2. Detach the screw that secures the spark arrestor inside the muffler outlet, using a screwdriver. Pull gently on the spark arrestor to remove it.

  3. Scrape back and forth across the surface of the spark arrestor with the bristles of a wire brush until you have removed all the dirt and debris.

  4. Reinsert the spark arrestor and secure it with the screw. Reattach the muffler outlet cover plate and secure it with the four hex head bolts.

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