How to Use the Amcor Ionizer

Susan Reynolds

Air purifiers, like the Amcor Ionizer, are good for clearing the air of allergens like dust, debris and other irritating substances. They are small devices that can run continuously, filtering the dirty air and redistributing clean air. Pet owners, allergy sufferers and those who want to reduce fungus, dander, and even cigarette smoke can get results with an air purifier. It is important to clean or change the filter often on the Amcor Ionizer to keep it in good running condition.

Use the Air Purifier

Air purifier can clear the smell of cigarette smoke.
  1. Locate an area in the room where you can set the Amcor Ionizer. Keep it away from soft, absorbent surfaces because the purifier can cause pollutants to land near it and stick to surfaces.

  2. Point the air purifier's vents away from the wall and place it at least 1.5 feet away from a wall. Keep it away from electronic devices.

  3. Plug in the device and press the "Power" button. There should be a glowing light to indicate the power.

  4. Set it to "High," "Low" or "Sleep" using the controls at the top of the machine. The "High" setting works best for cleaning rooms that have never been purified. Let the device run continuously for at least 24 hours or as long as you desire. The Amcor Ionizer can be left on for days at a time.

Maintain the Air Purifier

  1. Unplug the air purifier and wipe down the outside vents at least once a week. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.

  2. Pull off the filter cover on the top of the device. Pull out the filter cassette and wash it with soap and water. Let it dry overnight before reinserting it. Wash this filter once a week if you run the machine continuously.

  3. Look on the bottom of the air purifier for the electrostatic filter. Pull it out and wash it in a dishwasher or by hand with soap and water. Let it dry overnight before putting it back in the unit. Clean this filter once a month for the best results.