What to Do If a Kenmore Room Air Conditioner Is Not Draining

Cynthia Clark

A Kenmore room air conditioner is designed to set in a window or a specially cut hole in the wall, where the back of the unit remains outside the opening. During the unit's cooling process, condensation is created inside the air conditioner and drains out onto the ground. There are several do-it-yourself solutions if the Kenmore air conditioner is not draining.

Kenmore's Are Designed to Slant Toward the Back

Each Kenmore room air conditioner was engineered with a simple drain system. When the unit sits at a slant, water drains from the unit through a small hole in the back. Adjust the unit so that the back of the unit sitting outside is lower than the front of the unit that is inside the house.

Clean the Air Conditioner's Air Filter

The air filter is found on the inside of the face panel unit near the controls. The Kenmore filter traps dust so it does not get pulled in through the air conditioner when air is brought into the unit as it operates. When the filter is full of dust, air cannot pass through the air conditioner, so the unit must work harder to cool the room. When the air conditioner has to work harder, it creates more condensation than the drain hole was designed to manage. Vacuum the filter to remove dust. Reset the filter inside the panel once it has been cleaned.

Clean the Air Conditioner's Cooling Grill

Kenmore builds the cooling grids on the rear of the unit that sits outside. Dust and pollen build up on the cooling grid while it is exposed to nature and restricts the ability of the air conditioner to perform properly. Pour or spray water from a garden hose to clean the grill. Be careful not to bend the aluminum pleats in the grill.

Clear the Drain Hole

Each Kenmore air conditioner is manufactured with a drain hole to allow condensation inside the unit to easily exit to the outside. Unfortunately, water will develop a slime when it sits rather than flows. A slimy build up will block the drain hole. Use an air compressor to force slimy residue to exit the unit, or wiggle a section of wire through the drain hole until water begins draining.


Perform cleaning and maintenance at the beginning and end of each season the room air conditioner is used for proper draining and cooling. The air filter should be cleaned by vacuuming or washing, according to Kenmore's instructions at least once each month the unit is in use.

Safety Warning

Always unplug the air conditioner and other appliances when cleaning or maintenance is performed.