How to Use Black & Decker Steamers

Black & Decker steamers are food appliances that can steam rice or vegetables. These steamers allow you to add flavorings to the steaming water, such as white wine or lemon juice. Though some Black & Decker steamers come with extra features such as an herb compartment, the basic use instructions are the same for all models.

Black & Decker steamers can cook rice with no stirring.
  1. Plug the steamer in. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the water reservoir. The amount of water will vary depending on the food item you are cooking. Consult your Black & Decker steamer manual for an exact amount.

  2. Add any flavor additives to the water that you want, such as white wine or lemon juice. Chicken broth is also acceptable. Do not use dark liquids like red wine or beef broth. Do not add any additives if you are cooking rice.

  3. Place the drip tray into the base of the steamer by holding its handles and pressing it gently into the base. Do not use the drip tray if you are steaming rice.

  4. Place the steaming bowl onto the base of the steamer. Pour in the vegetables you want to steam. To cook rice, pour the appropriate amount of rice and water into the rice bowl and place the rice bowl into the steaming bowl.

  5. Put the cover on the steaming bowl. Set the steamer timer according to the recipe you are following. The steamer will make a bell sound when time is up. Carefully remove the steaming cover when the cook time is over.

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