Kelvinator Split System Instructions

The Kelvinator Split Inverter air conditioner is a conveniently compact unit that provides heating and cooling features that activate depending on your preselected indoor temperature. It features a variety of functions that are usually operated by remote control but can be operated manually if the remote is lost or the batteries are dead. The remote control consists of a display screen and clearly marked mode buttons for trouble-free operation.

Using the Remote Control

Step 1

Plug the Kelvinator Split System unit in.

Step 2

Press the “On/Off” button to start the air conditioner. The unit will start after about three minutes.

Step 3

Press On/Off again to turn the unit off.

Step 4

Press the “Mode” button on the remote when the unit is on. The modes will shift in sequence from auto, cool, dry, heat and fan and then back to auto with each touch of the button.

Step 5

Press the “Temp” arrows (on the center right side) to adjust the temperature up or down in 1 degree Celsius increments.

Step 6

Press “Fan Speed” (located on the left side below the mode button) to adjust the fan speed. The fan speed will shift in sequence with each press from auto, low, medium and high.

Step 7

Slide the remote cover down to reveal additional features.

Step 8

Change the angle of the horizontal louver by pressing “Air Direction.” The "Swing” button directly below turns the louver swing feature on and off.

Step 9

Set the timer by pressing “Timer On” or “Timer Off” and then adjust using the “Time Adjust” arrows. Press "OK" when finished to accept the action.

Step 10

Press the “Clock” button located on the bottom left of the remote to set the current time. Use the “Time Adjust” arrows to set the time and then press “OK” to save.

Step 11

Lock in your settings by pressing the “Lock” button which is the small circle (on the left) below the clock button. The remote will not accept any other command while in lock mode. Press "Lock" again to unlock the remote.

Step 12

Press “Inverter Override” only when testing or installing the unit. To return the unit to normal operating settings, press the inverter override button again.

Step 13

Press “Cancel” to turn off the timer on presets.

Step 14

Press the reset button (next to the lock button) to clear all preset settings.

Manual Operation

Step 1

Lift the front panel until you hear a click indicating it is locked in place.

Step 2

Press the auto or manual button to set the unit in auto mode. It will work at a preselected temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

Step 3

Close the panel.

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