How to Identify Brass Beds

Brass is a bright yellow alloy, a combination of zinc and copper that resembles bronze, which is made from copper and tin, but brass is shinier. When more zinc is used than copper to manufacture the brass alloy, the brass appears lighter. The combination of the two metals make brass stronger and more durable than copper. The addition of other metals also effect its appearance. The easiest way to identify if a bed is made from is brass is by comparing the metal's color to the color of other metals.

Brass is yellow.

Step 1

Chemical testing is unnecessary.

Identify the color of the metal. Brass is a metal that is most easily identified by color and does not usually require any chemical testing.

Step 2

This bronze necklace is darker and browner than brass.

Compare the color of the bed to other similar metals that might resemble brass. Copper is a reddish brown. Zinc, magnesium, aluminum, tin and lead are whitish. Iron is gray or white. Bronze is a darker brown than brass.

Step 3

A lacquered brass bed

Chip away a small amount of the lacquer coating if the metal of the bed frame is not exposed. Brass is regularly protected with a lacquer coating to prevent corrosion. Corroded brass turns greenish in color. However, since bronze is noncorrosive, you can safely assume that a lacquered bed is not made from bronze unless you have reason to believe otherwise.