How to Fix a Hoover Tempo That Won't Pick Up

Neil Greenlees

The Hoover Tempo is an upright vacuum which can be purchased in either a bagged or bagless version. Its floor head features edge cleaning, which means it will remove dirt right beside baseboards and furniture. It also has a stair handle which allows the user to vacuum stair treads without the need to attach a separate nozzle to the hose. If your Hoover Tempo stops picking up dirt and debris, there are a number of simple measures you can take to fix the problem.

Discovering Why Your Hoover Tempo Won't Pick Up

Loss of suction through the Hoover Tempo's tools could mean a hose blockage.
  1. Switch the vacuum off and unplug it.

  2. Inspect the drive belt on the underside of the floor cleaning head to establish whether it is broken or worn. If this is the case, replace it.

  3. Examine the agitator brushroll, which is turned by the belt. If it appears to be worn replace it.

  4. Check the dustbag if your Tempo is a bagged version or the dirt cup if you own a bagless vacuum. If the dustbag is full, change it. If the dirt cup is full, empty it.

  5. Ensure you are using the correct carpet height setting. If you are using too high a setting, use the nozzle control knob to lower it. This is located on top of the cleaning head.

Replacing the Belt and/or the Agitator Brush Roll

  1. Disconnect your Hoover Tempo from the electricity supply and place the handle in the low position.

  2. Turn the cleaner over and remove the bottom plate from the floor cleaning head using the screwdriver.

  3. Remove the agitator brush roll then remove the belt only if it needs replacing.

  4. Slide the new belt over the motor pulley with its lettering to the outside.

  5. Insert the brush roll through the belt, making sure the belt is positioned on its belt guide and then click the brush roll into position at the front of the cleaning head, ensuring the belt guide is located in its groove.

Emptying the Dirt Cup/Changing the Dustbag

  1. Disconnect your Hoover Tempo from the electricity supply.

  2. Squeeze the dirt cup latch on the front of the cleaner and pull the dirt cup forward. In the case of a bagged Tempo, push down on the top of the bag door at the front of the cleaner and remove the door.

  3. Carry the dirt cup to a trash can, remove the lid and empty the contents, tapping the dust cup gently until dust stops falling from the filters. In the case of a bagged Tempo, remove the bag and place it in your trash can.

  4. Replace the lid and reposition the dust cup on the cleaner. If you use a bagged Tempo, push the bag opening firmly on to the housing vacated by the full bag and snap the bag door back into position.

Suction Failure When Using Cleaning Tools

  1. Remove the tool being used and check for suction at the cleaning end of the hose. If this is normal, check for blockages in the attachment.

  2. Remove the cleaner from electricity supply and disconnect the hose if suction is not present.

  3. Remove any blockages from the hose and also from the dirt duct -- the point at which the hose is joined to the vacuum.