How to Cook on a Propane Grill

Cooking on a propane grill is a great way to enjoy the taste of outdoor barbecue during any month.

As long as necessary precautions are taken, propane grills are relatively safe and very simple to use. Propane is not too expensive and is much less of hassle than a charcoal grill. With a few simple steps, you can be grilling great tasting ribs, chicken, steak, fish, vegetables and nearly anything else within no time.

Decipher which type of propane grill you have. Some will have the supply of propane constantly running and others will need the propane supply opened up. You will also need to decipher whether or not your grill has an ignition bottom or will need to be manually lit.

If your grill has a constant supply of propane, then you will simply need to turn the burner on and ignite. If your grill has an ignition bottom you can press after the burn is on; if not, turn the burn on and use the grill lighter to ignite the grill. If your grill needs the propane turned on, turn the nozzle on the tank in the direction of open. Once open, turn the burner on to let the gas flow and either hit the ignition button or use grill lighter to ignite.

Once lit, allow the grill to heat up. You do not want to place meat or vegetables on a cold grill. Allowing the grill to heat up will save grilling time and provide that great barbecue flavor.

While the grill is heating up, prepare your meal. Season the meat, fish or vegetables to taste. You can either follow traditional barbecue recipes or get creative.

Once grill is at appropriate temperature, spray the grill with some type of nonstick spray as you will not want your food sticking to grill. After place your meal of choice on the grill and begin to cook.

Allow food to cook through to appropriate temperature. Remember if you are grilling any type of meat, allow it cook thoroughly, as under-cooking meat could lead to health problems.

Once the food is cooked, you can remove the food and begin to shut the grill down. If you do not have to shut off the supply of propane you can simply turn the burner off. If you have to shut the propane supply off, turn the nozzle on the propane tank off first and then shut off the burners. Allow grill to cool down and cover, as you do not want the grill exposed to the elements when not in use.

Things You Will Need

  • Propane tank
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Grill lighter


  • Remember to check for leaks before turning propane on. You can do this with a leak detection solution and check all connections for proper tightness.
  • Propane is a great environment alternative to charcoal as it does not release near the amount of carbon monoxide.

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