How to Install a Sunray Swingset

Susanne Koenig

Sunray Premium Playgrounds are high-quality playgrounds manufactured in America and sold at gardening centers, warehouse stores and individual retailers across the United States and Canada. Sunray prides themselves in harvesting their swing set lumber with sustainable lumbering practices and rot resistant, smooth cutting and easy to stain wood. With careful maintenance, assembly, and preventative care, your Sunray swing set should last until your children outgrow it. When installing your Sunray swing set, take care to follow proper safety precautions such as wearing safety goggles, gloves and use tools that are in good working order.

Proper installation of your Sunray swingset requires careful planning and follow-up maintenance

Step 1

Check your manual for step-by-step guidance in assembling your Sunray swing set. If you have lost your manual, you can find it at Sunray's website in a PDF format. Put on your safety goggles and your gloves before you start working.

Step 2

Sort the parts that came with your Sunray swing set. Put wood and non-wood parts together in accordance to each step of the assembly, which roughly translates to one page of the manual. Be sure to use a hard surface in which to sort out your items so you don't lose items. Check off the parts in the parts inventory listings as you go through to make sure that every piece is accounted for.

Step 3

Read all of the instructions for the first step. Sunray strongly recommends reading the entire step out of the manual before proceeding to assembling the parts. Your assembly will start with the picnic table. Set the counter sunk holes on the table legs down and begin your assembly according to the instructions, carefully following the diagrams in step one.

Step 4

Pre-drill all the required holes in step two with a 1/8" drill bit and assemble the upright assembly according to the directions. Move on to the main beam installation, pre-drilling your holes before moving on to this step and then assembling the beams according to the diagrams in this step. Ready the slats for assembly and screw them down in accordance with the diagram, placing your screws at either end and sunk into the beam in the middle. Now install your angled braces.

Step 5

Pre-drill your holes again for all the fascia installation, which are the smooth outside boards that will cover the edges of the upper deck and install your deck brackets. Now assemble the ladder with the provided pieces making sure that you line up the stair holes properly as a miss with a screw will cause the board to split. Move on to the roof assembly by starting with the lower roof and moving on to the upper roof assembly. Then assemble the bay window and then the upright end rails.

Step 6

Begin attaching the slats for the "store front" assembly, again pre-drilling with your 1/8 inch drill bit and attach the slats. In a similar fashion, pre-drill and attach the rock wall slats to the assembled frame and attach to the unit using the brackets provided. Assemble the swing beam and install the swing equipment. Finish out the dormer by installing the dormer runners at the peak and using the hardware provided. Attach the bubble window and the tic-tac assembly, the rope, the slide, and the ship's wheels and telescope.