My Interior Doors Are Sticking

Interior doors in a home or business can start sticking for several reasons. There could be warping in the wood of the frame or the door itself, or the wood could be expanding due to higher heat or humidity. As a result, the door doesn't fit as cleanly in the door frame as it once did, and the door will rub against the frame and stick. The remedy requires altering the environment and possibly adjusting the door.

Door frames and doors will frequently rub together when the temperature and humidity rises.
  1. Use an air conditioner to lower the temperature in the room. Higher temperatures cause a wooden door to expand; lowering the temperature will help reduce expansion and therefore reduce sticking in some cases.

  2. Tighten the screws that connect the door to the hinge and the hinge to the door frame. This will tighten the door into the frame and possibly eliminate some of the rubbing if either the door or the hinge is loose. Use a screwdriver instead of a power drill to prevent stripping of the screw while tightening it.

  3. Adjust the hinge by replacing the screws in the hinge with 3-inch screws. Tightening the elongated screws into the door frame will pull the door slightly closer to the frame itself, which could help to eliminate the rubbing. A door will normally stick either at the top or the bottom, so start with the side that is sticking, and then do the other hinge if needed.

  4. Drill a 1/8-inch hole into the door jamb. Drive a 3-inch screw into the hole to tighten the door frame in the area where sticking is occurring. Add other screws along the jamb as needed.

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