How to Find the Age of My Farmall Tractor

International Harvester began producing Farmall tractors in 1924. The first version of these tractors was small and was used for general purposes. It was the first of its kind in the United States to use a tricycle type of design, which made it useful for working with taller crops like corn and cotton. After orders flooded in, Farmall went from just one model to many models with different features and power options. All of these tractors should have numbers on them to help you determine their age.

  1. Look for any serial numbers you can see on the tractor. Serial numbers can help you determine what year your tractor was made. Serial numbers were normally stamped into an aluminum plate somewhere on the tractor. You can usually find this on the steering gear housing on the right side of your tractor.

  2. Search for an engine serial number if you cannot locate a serial number for the tractor on the steering gear housing. Most times an engine serial number is found on a cylinder block above the oil filler tube and just under a valve tappet cover. These are located on the left side of your tractor.

  3. Find a casting date if you cannot find any serial numbers on the tractor. Not every tractor has one, but if there is one it is typically on the cylinder block, clutch housing, transmission case or rear axle housing.

  4. Search for your serial number, after you have located it, on the Yesterday's Tractor Co. website (see References for the link). Click on model numbers and see what serial numbers match that model number until you find your tractor's serial number.

  5. Contact Case IH Agriculture, the manufacturer of Farmall tractors, if you cannot find the information you are looking for. A customer service representative may assist you in finding the age of your tractor. You can reach the company through its website (see References), call it at 877-422-7344 or email maxservice.na@cnh.com.

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