How to Replace the Battery in a Braun Electric Toothbrush Type 4731

Damon Koch

Braun is the manufacturer of a myriad of hand-held personal care devices, such as the battery-operated toothbrush model 4731. The Braun battery-operated toothbrush model 4731 is powered by a AA battery. The battery is located inside the main body of the toothbrush in a special battery compartment. Occasionally, the battery will have to be replaced. Replacing the battery in the Braun battery-operated toothbrush is accomplished in less than 5 minutes without the use of any tools.

  1. Hold the toothbrush with one hand on the handle just below where the brush attaches.

  2. Locate the seam toward the bottom where the battery compartment screws into the handle.

  3. Grasp the battery compartment and twist it counterclockwise to open it.

  4. Remove the old battery, noting how it is positioned in regard to the positive and negative terminals. Dispose of the old battery.

  5. Insert the new battery into the battery compartment the same way the old one was positioned. Reattach the battery compartment by twisting it clockwise to tighten it.