Maytag Electric Smoothtop Oven Won't Heat

Your Maytag smooth-top electric stove generates heat using elements located beneath its glass-plated surface -- when it is working correctly.
Problems with the power supply or incorrect input into the control panel can prevent the stove from heating. If you find your smooth-top Maytag range doesn't appear to be heating, troubleshoot the electric stove to determine the problem. Focus on the electricity supply and the correct way to switch on the oven before you start cooking.

Step 1

Push in the stove's control knobs before turning them to a heat setting. Maytag dials need to pushed down before they will have an effect on the stove. Select one of the various cooking option buttons if your stove has an electronic control panel.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Start" button for three seconds to unlock the stove's control panel. Maytag stoves include a lockout mode as part of the oven's safety features. The controls will not respond while the oven is in lockout mode.

Step 3

Pull open the oven door and press the "Lower Cancel" button. Hold down the "Temp/Time +" button until "Sabbath Off" appears on the screen. Modern Maytag stoves have a "Sabbath" mode that disables many of the oven's features to conform with Jewish kosher regulations.

Step 4

Pull the stove away from the wall and ensure that the power cable is firmly connected to the outlet. Most Maytag electric stoves use a standard three-prong (grounded) electrical outlet. Make sure the stove outlet is switched on if your home is fitted with power switches for its outlets.

Step 5

Check your home electrical circuits for blown fuses or tripped breakers. The stove will not heat up if the fuse or breaker protecting the circuit is blown or tripped. Replace or reset any fuses or breakers as necessary and try again.