LG Front Load Washer Will Not Rinse

LG front-loading washing machines are available in different sizes and finishes, including red, white and stainless steel.

The washing machines come with various options, such as steam wash, LED display, a large capacity drum, energy-efficient wash cycles and variable motion technology, among others. While the LG washer should generally work well with normal maintenance, problems arise occasionally, such as if the washer will not rinse. Troubleshooting this issue may help users avoid the need to contact LG for repair assistance.

Verify that the water inlet valves are both fully open. Most valves turn counterclockwise to open. Tighten the water inlet hose connections if they are loose.

Shut the washer door firmly and select a new wash cycle with rinse option. Make sure the load size is not too large, as the washer may not be able to rinse clothes effectively if too many items are in the tub.

Straighten out the water line hoses after cleaning the inlet screens to prevent blockages from affecting water supply and flow.

Use a water pressure gauge, available for purchase at most hardware stores, to check the household water pressure, which should be at least 120 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Contact LG for assistance if the above methods do not resolve the issue.

Things You Will Need

  • Water pressure gauge
  • Clean cloth(s)
  • Wrench (if necessary)

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