How to Assemble Dresser Furniture

Dresser furniture can create much needed space in virtually any bedroom. Instead of having clothes laying in piles on the floor and chairs, dressers help you quickly organize and create a better atmosphere. Since some apartments and homes do not have sufficient closet space, buying and assembling a dresser is often a necessary task. Although most dressers come with specific assembly instructions, there are steps which can make assembly easier.

  1. Separate the components of the body of the dresser from the components which make up the drawers and set them aside. The body will have larger bottom, top and side pieces, a thinner backside as well as smaller pieces which make up the front. You might also encounter inside walls to mount the rails which will support the drawers. The drawers will have a bottom, front, and back and a pair of side pieces along with two rails that allow them to slide in and out.

  2. Begin to assemble the drawers one at a time. They will have grooves where the particular parts meet and holes for screws or nails to hold them into place. Typically the bottom piece will fit inside grooves in the sides, back and front. The back piece usually butts against the side pieces. Do a dry assembly to make sure that all of the parts of the drawer fit together before screwing anything together. This will save time as otherwise you will need to take them apart to complete the installation properly in case of a mistake. Do not forget that there should be some kind of a handle in the front, and sliding mechanism or rails on the outside left and right sides so that the drawers can be inserted into the body of the dresser.

  3. Assemble the rest of the drawers in the same manner as the first one.

  4. Examine the components of the body and attempt a dry assembly to make sure that the parts fit together. In case you do not know which component should be on the left or right side, pay attention to the locations of the holes where the screws will go as these will match the back and front pieces. Use the screwdriver to insert the screws into their required locations.

  5. Insert the drawer slides inside the main body of the dresser. They will be located on the left and right sides of the opening where each of the drawers will slide in.

  6. Nail the thinner backside to the rest of the body which is now assembled using a hammer and nails.

  7. Pick up the drawers and slide them into the body one after the other to complete the assembly.