Bissell Proheat Perfect Pass Instructions

Alicia Bodine

Bissell has a large variety of carpet cleaners from which to choose. In order to choose the right carpet cleaner, consumers must investigate the particular carpet cleaner's features. For example, Bissell's ProHeat Pro-Tech model contains the Perfect Pass feature. This feature has a red light that will become bright if you are operating the Bissell carpet cleaner at too fast of a pace. You can then slow down to make sure your carpets are getting the best clean possible.

  1. Remove any furniture or items from the room you wish to clean. Then vacuum the carpet to get rid of as much dirt as possible.

  2. Plug in the Bissell ProHeat in the nearest grounded outlet and turn on both the power switch and the SmartTemp switch. Do this 2 minutes before you need to begin. The SmartTemp heater will keep the water at the perfect temperature to clean your carpets.

  3. Locate the SmartMix bottle on your Bissell ProHeat's base. Pull it out, flip it upside down, remove the cap and fill the bottle with Bissell carpet cleaning fluid. Bissell does not recommend using any other brand of cleaning fluid in its machines. Replace the cap and return the SmartMix bottle to the machine's base.

  4. Turn the dial next to the SmartMix bottle to either "Water/Rinse," "Normal" or "High Traffic."

  5. Lift the tank-in-tank out of your Bissell ProHeat by the handle. You will first need to step on the handle release and lower it to gain access to the tank. Turn the handle on the tank-in-tank to open it and fill it up with hot tap water. Replace the tank-in-tank in the base of your Bissell carpet cleaner.

  6. Set your ReadyTools Dial to Floor Cleaning. You will need to choose "Tools" from the dial if you want to clean furniture. The ReadyTool Dial is located on the base of the Bissell ProHeat.

  7. Hold the trigger down on your handle and push the Bissell ProHeat forward and then back over one section. The trigger releases the water and carpet cleaner. Release the trigger and repeat, going over the same section. The cleaner will now suck up all the dirt and soapy water.

  8. Repeat keeping an eye on the Perfect Pass light to make sure you aren't going too fast. Complete one section at a time until you make your way out of the room.

  9. Turn the power switch and the SmartTemp switch off before unplugging the Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech from the outlet.