How to Spray the Exterior of a House for Bugs

The best way to control the bugs and insects that you find in your home is to prevent them from entering your home.

You can spray a chemical bug spray around the exterior of your home that will prevent the bugs from getting into the areas that lead to the interior of your home. To do this properly, you will need to use a pump sprayer; you can buy or rent one from a hardware supply store. This allows you to easily spray around your home in large quantities. .

Mix the chemical bug spray with water in the pump sprayer container. Follow the manufacturer's directions to create a solution that is half to one-quarter strength of the bug chemical.

Screw on the top of the pump sprayer. Pump the handle a few times to create pressure in the pump.

Spray around your home's foundation. Cover a 10- to 12-inch space along the soil when spraying; avoid spraying past this distance because then you would be covering the runoff area around your home.

Look for cracks or crevices around your home. Spray these areas to prevent bugs from entering.

Spray behind steps, bushes and other items blocking the ground around your home's foundation.

Things You Will Need

  • Pump sprayer
  • Bug chemicals


  • Wear adequate protection when spraying bug spray. Gloves, safety glasses or goggles are often necessary to prevent you from coming in contact with the chemicals.

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