How to Wire a Two Speed Hot Tub Pump

The pump in your hot tub is responsible for more than just massaging away your aches and pains. Most spa pumps have two speeds: the low speed circulates water through the filters and heating elements to keep the spa clean and warm, while the high speed provides the pressure necessary for the massage jets to work. Spa pumps require regular service and occasional replacement to keep your hot tub working properly. In the event of pump failure, replacement pumps are readily available and can be replaced with a few tools and some preparation.

A replacement pump will give new life to an old spa.
  1. Disconnect the power supply to the spa by switching the breaker off or removing the fuse. Remove the pump access panel from the side of the spa.

  2. Close the two valves in the water lines connected to the pump, if present. Drain the spa if no valves are present. Disconnect the water lines by turning the knurled collars counterclockwise until the lines can be pulled out of the pump housing.

  3. Unscrew the green grounding screw and disconnect the copper grounding wire from the body of the pump. Remove the mounting screws from the mounting bracket and remove the pump from the spa. Remove the wiring cover from the end of the pump and loosen the cable clamp holding the wires. Note the color of each wire and the terminal location it is attached to. Loosen the terminal screws, pull the wire out of the pump and unscrew the cable clamp from the pump housing. Set the old pump aside.

  4. Remove the plastic plug from the wiring hole on the new pump and remove the wiring cover. Screw the cable clamp from the old pump into the wiring hole on the new pump and slide the wire into the cable clamp far enough for all of the wires to reach the terminals. Tighten the cable clamp securely.

  5. Slide each wire, one color at a time, under the terminal that corresponds to the terminal that color wire was connected to on the old pump. Tighten the terminal screws securely. Replace the wiring cover. Set the new pump into the spa housing. Reinstall and tighten the mounting screws. Connect the copper grounding wire to the grounding screw on the body of the pump and tighten the screw securely.

  6. Slide the water lines into the ends of the pump and turn the knurled collars clockwise until they are snug. Open the valves in the water lines or refill the spa. Loosen the knurled collars to allow air to escape the lines and water to fill the pump. Tighten the knurled collars securely when no more air is heard escaping. Dry all connections and fittings with a towel and inspect for leaks. Replace the pump service panel and restore power to the spa.

  7. Check the spa for proper operation at low and high speeds. Disconnect power to the spa and check all connections, breakers and fuses if the spa fails to operate or operates incorrectly.


  • Always disconnect the power before attempting any service or repair on your spa.