How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Model MSD2454GR

The Maytag appliance model MSD2454GR is a side-by-side refrigerator, which was sold to consumers for home use. A side-by-side refrigerator features twin doors for the freezer and refrigerator instead of a top and bottom door for each. Additionally, the freezer door, which is traditionally the left door, has a water dispenser and ice dispenser on the outside of it. As you use your Maytag refrigerator, you may encounter some problems, which you can troubleshoot on your own.

Step 1

Push the refrigerator plug all the way into the outlet. If the plug is in the outlet, look for a blown fuse or tripped breaker in the house fuse or breaker box. If you still don't have power, check that the temperature control isn't set to “Off” and that the unit isn't in automatic defrost.

Step 2

Close the doors quickly after getting in the unit to prevent it from running too much and to keep the temperature cool inside. If it's running excessively and you're not opening the doors too much, look for something blocking the base grille and move the item. Frequent door opening can also cause a moisture buildup on the inside.

Step 3

Cover all foods tightly to prevent odors in the unit. You can also wipe down the interior with a clean cloth if you think dirty walls are contributing to the smell.

Step 4

Adjust the temperature controls if it's too cold or too warm in the refrigerator or freezer. Only adjust one level at a time and give it a full 24 hours to take effect. After that period, if it's still not satisfactory, you can make another adjustment.

Step 5

Move the ice maker arm down into the “On” position, if it's not working. You can stop it again by lifting it up to the “Off” position. Other causes for the ice maker not working are low water pressure and the water supply being off. Test the water in your faucet to see if the pressure is low. Arrange for a plumber to correct pressure problems.

Step 6

Check for ice jammed in the dispenser if it' not working. Remove or loosen it with a plastic utensil. Remove the lock switch from the “On” position, which would prevent it from working. Low water pressure can also be to blame for the water dispenser not working.

Step 7

Call Maytag Customer Assistance if you still need help with a problem.

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