How to Fix a Garbage Disposal When the Reset Button Doesn't Work

In many instances, all you need to do to fix your garbage disposal when it stops working is to press the reset button that is located on the bottom of the appliance. However, there are times when you must do more work on your garbage disposal to get the appliance to work the way it should. You'll still need to use the reset button, but pressing this button is only a small part of the process you must follow, not the only step.

You may need to do more than simply press the reset button to fix your garbage disposal.
  1. Unplug the garbage disposal.

  2. Insert an Allen wrench into the hole at the base of the disposal.

  3. Turn the Allen wrench clockwise 360 degrees. If the wrench will not turn 360 degrees in one turn, work the wrench back and forth a little bit at a time until you are able to turn the wrench 360 degrees.

  4. Insert tongs inside the garbage disposal and remove any loose items inside it.

  5. Wait five minutes, and then press the reset button on the bottom of the appliance.

  6. Plug the power cord back into the wall.


  • Never put your fingers inside a garbage disposal. Always use tongs.