Haier RDE350AW Dryer Troubleshooting

The Haier RDE350AW dryer has many features, including four different drying temperatures, cycle select dial, three automatic drying cycles, timed dry, cycle progress indicator and signal indicator. The dryer can be bought online or in select department or appliance stores and includes a limited warranty when purchased. If minor problems arise with the dryer, some troubleshooting efforts may prove useful to individuals seeking to resolve the issue prior to contacting Haier for repair service.

Step 1

Ensure the Haier dryer is fully plugged in if the unit does not function. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse if needed. Close the dryer door and press "Start" to begin operation after a cycle is selected.

Step 2

Reduce items inside the dryer so that the drum is half full at most if the dryer has power but the clothes are not drying. Clean the lint screen and ensure the exhaust vents and ducts are clear. Select a longer dry cycle or warmer dry temperature and sort clothes according to fabric type.

Step 3

Look inside the drum for objects like keys, coins, rocks or other items that may be causing an unusual noise. Level the dryer legs if the dryer is rocking or vibrating during use.

Step 4

Reduce the total drying time if there is a lot of static in the clothes after drying. Use a fabric softener sheet and sort items according to fabric.

Step 5

Contact Haier if necessary for additional assistance.

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