Troubleshooting for a Whirlpool Air Conditioner

Whirlpool brand air conditioners are meant for whole-home use and include a sound control motor, condenser fan motor, aluminum condenser fan blades, copper tubing, a diagnostic panel and an Energy Star rating. Whirlpool air conditioners are sold with a standard limited warranty to cover parts and certain repairs. Troubleshooting any issues that arise, however, may help owners avoid a service call to a repair professional.

  1. Plug the Whirlpool air conditioner into a grounded three-prong outlet if it will not turn on or operate. Note that the fuse or circuit breaker may need to be reset or replaced.

  2. Turn on the main power switch to "On" and select a cooling temperature that is less than the current air temperature, if there is power but the air conditioner is not running. Select "Auto" to allow the air conditioner to run only as needed to maintain the selected temperature. Close windows and doors in the home to maintain the cooler temperature.

  3. Check the air damper and the back cover on the air conditioner unit if the air conditioner is not producing enough cold air. Verify that both are closed completely. Keep items away from the exterior of the air conditioner that may clog or block the air flow and clear the space around return air grilles in the home.

  4. Unplug and turn off the Whirlpool air conditioner if the unit is running constantly or not maintaining a cool temperature. Remove the access cover and use a soft brush to carefully clean the condensing coils and remove dirt and debris. Wipe the bottom of the air conditioner as well before restoring the cover and power.

  5. Contact an authorized repair service if the above does not resolve the situation, as more serious repairs may be necessary.

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