How to Set Up a Bunk Bed Safely

Bunk beds are a popular piece of children's bedroom furniture. One bed raised above another on a stout frame allows you to place two beds in a space normally occupied by only one. This saves space and lets you have extra room for other activities. Bunk beds come with wood or metal frames. Each manufacturer uses its own assembly methods with various fasteners. The trick to safely setting up your bunk beds is to follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely using the proper tools and fasteners and a logical assembly pattern.

Bunk beds let you have beds for two people in the space normally occupied by one.
  1. Inspect the bunk bed kit. Look at all of the wood and/or metal parts. Check for loose or missing parts, cracks or other damage.

  2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely. Use the proper tools and the appropriate fasteners to assemble the bunk bed.

  3. Assemble the headboard first. Attach the cross beams to the corner posts. Be careful to tighten, but not overtighten, the fasteners.

  4. Put together the footboard. Secure the pieces without tightening so much that you strip the threads and make them useless.

  5. Lean the headboard assembly gently against the wall. Have an assistant hold the footboard in an upright position.

  6. Fasten the rails to the footboard. Have the assistant move over, and stand the headboard into its upright position. Fasten the rails to the headboard.

  7. Secure the crossbeams between the rails. Inspect every fastener on the entire assembly, from top to bottom. Snug each one with the proper tool.


  • Work gloves and safety glasses are required when using hand tools.
  • Your children's safety is at stake when assembling bunk beds. Always check the unit for damage, follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely and use the right tools and/or fasteners for the job.
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