Master Lock K175 Reset Key Instructions

The Master Lock 175 comes with a reset key tool that allows you to change the lock's combination at any time. This can be important, especially since the default lock combination is the same for all 175 locks. Using the key is a simple matter, requiring only a few steps.

  1. Make sure the lock is open, by using either the default combination of "0 0 0 0" or with your own combination. Once it is open, push the reset key into the hole on the side of the lock.

  2. Turn the key 90 degrees in either direction while still pushing down on it. The key locks in this position.

  3. Use the number wheels on the bottom of the lock to set your desired combination. Write this combination down.

  4. Turn the key (with the lock still set at the desired combination) and remove it from the lock.

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