How to Service Coast Spas

Coast Spas provide a means of relaxing for bathers in both outdoor and indoor climates. Coast Spas come equipped with a circulating pump, jet system and, on some models, headrests and other perks. Coast Spas require regular service or maintenance to continue operating efficiently and safely for bathers. Servicing a Coast Spa involves checking the power flow to the spa, cleaning the spa's filter basket and applying water sanitizing chemicals to the water of the spa.

Service your Coast Spa to keep it running smoothly.
  1. Drain the Coast Spa completely if the current body of water in the spa is more than a month old. Spray down and clean the inside of the tub body. Fill the spa with fresh water to the previous water line. Draining the spa water monthly prevents any water problems arising from stagnation or contaminant buildup.

  2. Check the control panel of the Coast Spa for a lit power indicator. If no indicator is present, check the breaker powering the spa. Ensure the breaker for the spa is not blown and sits on the "On" position. Enable the spa jets via the control panel to test for power. No movement through the jets and no power to the control panel indicate no power runs to the spa. Hire an electrician to examine the spa's electrical lines if resetting the breaker fails to restore power.

  3. Turn the circulation system of the spa off via the control panel's "Off" button. Remove the flap shielding the filter cartridge and remove the basket. Empty and spray down the basket with water to remove built-up dirt and other debris filtered out of the spa water.

  4. Take out the filter cartridge underneath the filter basket. Apply a cartridge cleaner to the pleats of the cartridge, and spray it down with a water hose to remove any built-up gunk. Place the cartridge into the spa. Place the filter basket back into the spa, and set the flap into place. Cleaning the filter basket and cartridge keeps the spa water clear and free of contaminants.

  5. Apply a water sanitizing agent such as chlorine granules or bromine to the Coast Spa water weekly or after a heavy bather load. Because of the large number of spa sanitizing products available, refer to the product's individual packaging for specific dosage amounts. Typically 2 oz. treat 500 gallons of spa water. Stir any product that does not dissolve immediately in the spa with a brush to avoid staining spa surfaces.

  6. Wipe the control panel of the Coast Spa with a dry, soft cloth. Run the cloth over the top of the spa exterior to clean the surface. Cleaning the control panel and surface of the Coast Spa prevents dust from damaging the control panel or spa components.

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