How to Replace a Microwave Handle

The handle on your microwave oven sees a lot of abuse of the course of its life. The handle is used to pull open the microwave door as well as to push it closed. Often constructed of heavy plastic, it is not uncommon for the handle to crack and break. A broken handle makes it difficult to open and close the cooking compartment of your microwave. To restore the ease of use to your microwave, you must replace the door handle.

The door handle on your microwave is secured with two screws.
  1. Open the microwave door.

  2. Pry off the plastic interior ring of the inside of the microwave door. To remove, insert a flat object, such as a small flat-head screwdriver or butter knife, between the ring and inner door panel. Be very careful when prying to ensure that the interior ring does not crack.

  3. Remove the two mounting screws securing the microwave door handle to the door. Remove the handle.

  4. Align the new door handle with the screw holes and then secure the handle in place with the mounting screws.

  5. Press the plastic interior ring back into position.

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