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My GE Triton Dishwasher Is Stuck in Sensing Mode

Greg Lindberg

General Electric Triton dishwashers include a sensor in the door that is activated during a washing cycle. A light on the door control panel indicates when the cycle is in "sensing mode," which is a mode where dirt and other particles are located and removed from the water in the dishwasher. If the light stays on and the cycle doesn't stop then the sensor has malfunctioned due to a loose wire or broken part. If necessary, you can replace the sensor with a new one by ordering the part from the manufacturer or an online retailer.

Restarting the Cycle

Get out of sensing mode by troubleshooting the problem.

If the sensing mode light on the front control panel remains on for longer than an hour, there is definitely a problem with the cycle. One of the easiest solutions can be restarting the dishwasher's cleaning cycle. The "Start/Reset" button is located on the left front side of the top control panel of the door. By pressing this button you can end the cleaning cycle.

Turning Off Power

If the sensing mode light stays after 90 seconds, you need to troubleshoot the actual sensor part in the door. Before accessing the sensor, the electrical power to the door must be turned off from your kitchen circuit breaker. You should also try turning the power off and then on to see if the indicator light turns off. However, if the light stays on, turn the power completely off to move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Removing Outer Panel

In order to access the sensor control you must remove the outer door panel. With the dishwasher door all the way open, you can remove all five screws from the door using a Phillips screwdriver. The dishwasher door should then be shut, and the outer panel can be lifted completely off of the door. The sensor control will then be visible on the bottom right-hand side of the door, below the soap dispenser.

Remove Sensor

If the wire connector that leads into the sensor is disconnected or loose, it should be reconnected by pressing firmly back into the terminal. If the wire is connected all the way, then the sensor is broken and needs to be replaced. The screw from the mounting plate holding the sensor in place must be removed using a Phillips screwdriver and the sensor can then be fully lifted out of the door.

Replacing Sensor

A new sensor part must be reinserted into the same position in the door, and then the mounting screw must be reinserted into the mounting plate. The screw should be tightened so the sensor is secure. The wire should also be reconnected to the sensor and the outer panel placed back onto the door. With the door open, all five screws must be reinserted before closing the door. Lastly, turn on the electrical power for the dishwasher again from the kitchen circuit breaker.