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I Cannot Unlock the Frigidaire Electrolux Gallery Series

Meredith Jameson

If your Frigidaire Electrolux Gallery stove won't unlock after a self-cleaning cycle, complete some troubleshooting steps to find the solution.

I Cannot Unlock the Frigidaire Electrolux Gallery Series

The Frigidaire Electrolux Gallery series includes both slide-in and drop-in electric ranges. These ranges have standard cooking and broiling features, as well as a warming drawer and self-cleaning oven. The oven will lock automatically when you select the self-clean function. If the oven does not unlock after this cycle, it's time to troubleshoot.


The self-cleaning feature on a Frigidaire Electrolux Gallery series range locks the oven door automatically as a safety precaution during the cleaning process. This step is necessary due to the way the self-cleaning function works. To remove caked-on foods and other residues, self-cleaning ovens heat to excruciating temperatures. This process carbonizes the gunk inside and turns all the residue into ash.

Since the temperatures reach dangerous heights during this process, the door stays locked after cleaning is complete and remains locked for up to an hour after cleaning while the oven starts to cool down. Wait for the words “door OPn” to appear on the display before attempting to open the door after using the self-cleaning function. Never force the door open.

Cancel Self-Cleaning

Sometimes the self-cleaning cycle causes excessive smoke, which means you may need to interrupt the self-cleaning cycle. To do this, just press "CANCEL." Then, you may have to wait up to an hour for the temperature to cool to a safe level. Only then will the door unlock. The length of time the oven takes before opening the door depends upon how long self-cleaning had been ongoing and the temperature inside the oven. Again, wait for the words “door OPn” to show in the display before opening the door.

Control Lock

The control lock feature on Frigidaire ovens also locks the oven door. To release the control lock, hold the lock icon pad for three seconds. Once a beep sounds, you can open the oven door.


Occasionally, an error occurs, and you cannot unlock the oven door after a self-cleaning cycle or after releasing the control lockout feature. If this happens, you may need to turn off the circuit breaker to your stove. First, locate your breaker box and read any notes on the door panel. If the panel labels your kitchen, turn off that breaker. If not, you may have to consult blueprints or your circuit map to determine which breaker to switch.

Once you turn the correct breaker off, wait several minutes before restoring power. This reset should make the oven's controls operate, and the oven door should open. Contact Frigidaire if the door remains locked.