How to Increase The Reception of a Garage Door Opener

Garage door remote controls use radio waves to communicate with the opener motor. The door will open when you press the large remote control push button because encoded radio signals are sent to the opener and understood. The opener then knows it can operate. As with any radio device, operation can be affected by the power supplied, range and environmental interference. Increasing the reception of a garage door opener can be achieved by investigating and correcting these items.

Operation can be affected by power supplied.
  1. Replace the battery in the remote control if reception is poor. The battery compartment will slide off, or in some cases will need to be unscrewed. Sometimes the visor clip screw also holds the battery cover in place. Try the reception again.

  2. Make sure that you are within range and don't have objects blocking the radio signal path if you continue to have problems. The system will work best the closer in that you are and isn't designed to open the door while you are down the street a ways.

  3. Drive up to the door and try to get a line of sight to the top of the door by raising the remote control out of the car door pocket and attaching it to the visor before pressing the button. The engine is between the door pocket and the door and will block radio signals. Likewise with walls, avoid trying to penetrate them.

  4. Straighten the antenna on the motor if you continue to experience problems. The antenna is the short piece of wire that dangles from the motor unit. Make sure it's extended and not tied back.

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