How to Tell if Your Wine Cooler Is Busted

Wine coolers are not just for wine connoisseurs, they are great to have for those who like to entertain friends and family.

Many white wines are best served chilled.
When you're a regular party host, your refrigerator quickly fills up with food and beverages; so having a wine cooler is the sure-fire way to ensure you've got lots of space for your delicious wine collection. However, if you're wine is not kept cool or there is a strange noise coming from the wine cooler, it may be an indication that it is busted. .

Unplug the wine cooler while inspecting it. To determine if it is busted, troubleshoot the wine cooler. Unplugging it prior to troubleshooting is the best way to ensure your safety.

Inspect the wine cooler for the problem. If the unit is not powered on, check the power cord plug is completely plugged in on both ends. Plug the power cord into a different wall outlet to confirm it is not the wall outlet. Lower the temperature if the temperature is higher than you prefer. Close the door and wait for a few hours for the temperature to catch up. If the problem persists or if the running light or defrost light is blinking, contact the manufacturer or an electrician. At this point, your wine cooler is busted and there is nothing you can do without expert help.

Clean out the wine cooler coils. All refrigerated units have cooler coils that must be cleaned twice a year to keep it functioning properly. Pull the wine cooler out from the wall and lift the front end of the cooler and place it on board or a small, sturdy object to mount it. Remove the cover panel on the bottom to expose the coils and cooling fins. Lift off the kickplate. If the kickplate is fastened with screws, use a screw driver to remove it. Use the long nozzle on a vacuum or a refrigerator coil brush to brush away the debris and dust from the cooling fins. Replace the cover or kickplate once you've done this. Position the wine cooler in place and plug it in. If it still doesn't work, it may be busted.

Set the temperature between 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit if the compressor is not working properly. The compressor is the component of the cooler that compresses the refrigerated gas and raises the unit's pressure and temperature. The heat coils outside the refrigerator dissolve the heat of pressurization. If the compressor breaks, it will not cool the wine inside it. Listen to the sound of the wine cooler; a humming sound is an indication that it is busted. If the compressor is broken, it may be replaced with the help of a professional.

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