How to Find the Owners of a Delaware-Based LLC

A Limited Liability Company is considered a flexible business structure, due to the fact that it blends elements of corporations and partnerships together.

If an LLC exists, it has at least one owner. If you're trying to find the owners of an LLC company that is based out of the state of Delaware, you can do so using the world wide web.

Open your web browser and visit the online search site, for the state of Delaware.

Type the name of the Delaware-based LLC you are searching for into the Entity Name box.

Fill out the Captcha box at the bottom of the screen. This is a unique word or number combination used to prevent 'bots from filling out online forms. Completing the Captcha proves that an actual human is performing the web search.

Click "Search." The results page that appears will contain the names of the owners of the Delaware based LLC, as well as the file number, the name of the LLC's resident agent, the address and other contact information.

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