How to Decorate an Oddly Shaped Living Room

Not all living rooms are created equal; they come in various shapes and sizes just like the people who use them. Although most living rooms are rectangular, some have walls that are curved, while others are shaped like an L or even a T. Even a rectangular living room can have an odd width or length. Decorating an unusually shaped living room may seem like a challenge, but it's really not all that hard.

An oddly shaped living room can be overly long.
  1. Paint the walls a light color, and if possible, select furniture that's dark or has robust coloring. The furniture will take center stage, and the walls will be a subtle, unifying force in the background.

  2. Walk around the room and decide on the focal point. In some living rooms this is the place where the couch goes. In others, it's the fireplace or a window with a view. In a room with curved walls, the focal point could be a mural. In a T-shaped room it could be a large set of windows at the end of the room, at the top of the T.

  3. Build your furniture around the focal point. If it's a fireplace or a window, place a couch on each side of the feature. They should face each other. Put a rug between them and side tables on at least one side of each couch. An L-shaped room with a fireplace at the end lends itself to a sectional. Place the short end of the sectional on the open side of the room and the long end against a wall. This will effectively separate the L from the rest of the room. Use the sectioned-off space as a conversation or office area. If your focal point is an entertainment center, place your couch directly opposite it and one or two chairs at the side.

  4. Lay a large throw rug on the floor if it's not carpeted. This will unify the room.

  5. Keep your window treatments consistent and the color dark, like your furniture. For example, use burgundy fabric if you have a burgundy leather couch. Identical window treatments also serve to unify the room.

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