How to Calculate Square Yardage

When it is time to replace carpet or flooring in your home, you must measure accurately so you purchase enough product to cover the area. Most floor coverings are ordered by the square yard, so you must be able to calculate square yardage from measurements in feet and inches.

  1. Break the room into rectangles and/or squares. For each section, measure the length first by placing the end of the tape measure on one wall and measuring to the opposite wall in inches. Record that measurement. Divide it by 12 to turn it into feet, and write down that measurement on a sheet of paper.

  2. Move the end of the tape measure to an adjoining wall. Measure to the opposite wall to get the width. Write down that width measurement on your paper.

  3. Repeat this process for each rectangular and/or square section of the room.

  4. Multiply the width by the length of one section. As an example, if you have a 14-by-10 foot section, you need 140 square feet of floor covering. Do the same for other portions of the room. Multiply each set of measurements separately and then add them together for a total square footage.

  5. Divide the total square footage by nine because there are nine square feet in a square yard. For example, 140-square feet divided by nine would be 15.55-square yards. Round up to the next whole number when ordering. In this case, you would order 16 square yards.