How to Practice Zen Buddhism at Home

Your home should be your own private oasis; an environment that is tranquil, peaceful and calm. This environment can also be a place where you can practice Zen Buddhism. To practice Zen Buddhism at home is easy, if you follow these few steps.

Have a Meditation Room or Area.

You can practice Zen Buddhism at home.
    Make sure your meditation area is clutter-free.
  1. Zen means "meditate". To properly practice Zen Buddhism at home, make sure you have a space set aside where you can meditate in peace. If possible, a meditation room is best. Make sure it is free of clutter and distractions. A floor mat, a few pillows, candles and Buddhist relics are all you need. If a meditation room is not possible, set aside a space specifically for meditation. Make sure you can sit comfortably.

  2. Study the teachings and scriptures. Commit to learning more about Zen Buddhism and practice the beliefs every day.

  3. Apply the principles you have learned and practiced to your daily life.

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