How to Adjust the Jets on a Gas Cooktop

A gas cooktop has burners that produce a gas flame. The natural gas feeding into the cooktop burner mixes with air as it travels through the stove pipes. Mixing the natural gas with air creates a blue flame, making the flame easy to control once it is lit by the cooktop's ignition source. Allowing too much or too little air to mix with the natural gas causes the gas burner to sputter, hiss or produce a yellow flame. Adjusting the gas flame will keep your stove operating efficiently.

Adjust a gas burner until it produces a clean blue flame.
  1. Remove the stovetop grates. Prop up the cooktop using the metal rod inside.

  2. Find the burner air shutter. This is usually located near the front of the stove. Loosen the shutter's setscrew with a Phillips screwdriver, but do not remove it completely.

  3. Set the burner on high. Turn the shutter to adjust the flame to your desired settings.

  4. Tighten the shutter setscrew. Release the metal bar holding up the cooktop and close it. Place the stove grates back in place.

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