Dyson DC07 Instructions

Chris Waller

Dyson makes several different models of vacuum cleaners. The Dyson DC07 is an upright model vacuum cleaner that uses special cyclone technology to spin the air as it goes through to separate dirt and clean your carpets. Due to this technology, you do not need to use a bag with the Dyson DC07. You can use this vacuum to sweep your carpets, or use one of the many attachments to get to hard-to-reach areas of your home.

  1. Pick up the vacuum cleaner using the transporting handle on the front of the machine. The DC07 is light enough to be carried with one hand. Place the vacuum in the room that you wish to clean and unwind the power cord from the back. Plug the cord into a working wall outlet.

  2. Move the vacuum to the location you wish to start cleaning, preferably the corner farthest from the doorway. On the front of the machine, near the bottom is a "Brush Control" switch. Move this switch to "Bare" if you are cleaning non-carpeted floors or short rugs. Move it to "Carpets" if you are cleaning normal carpets.

  3. Press the "On/Off" switch on the front of the vacuum to turn it on. Place your foot on the cleaner head and pull the handle back toward you in order to recline it to a position that will allow you to push the vacuum around the room comfortably. Once the room is clean, push the handle forward to lock the machine in the upright position and press the "On/Off" switch to turn it off.

  4. Press the "Hose Release" button that is above the "On/Off" switch to release the hose and wand handle from the vacuum. At the end of the hose is a wand cap. Pull this off and slide one of the attachments, such as the stair cleaning tool, onto the end of the wand. Leave the base stationary and press the "On/Off" button to use the hose and the attached tool.