How to Find a Case Number in California

When a case is entered into the court system of the state of California, it is assigned a unique case number. The state of California makes their entire court records database searchable, as these cases are a part of the public records system. If you want to find the case number for a particular case in California, you just have to search through the database using information you already know.

  1. Visit the "Court Index" page for the county in California where the case you are looking for was filed. For example, if the case you are looking for was filed in the county of San Diego, you will need to visit the Court Index page for the county of San Diego.

  2. Click "Party Name Search." Because you do not know the case number that was assigned to the case in question, you will have to look it up using other pieces of information.

  3. Fill out the box on-screen with any and all information you can provide. The more boxes you fill out on screen, the more likely it is that you will find the case you are looking for. Include the first and last name of the person the case relates to or the name of the business (if applicable). Include the case type and filing year.

  4. Click "Submit." Click the listing for the appropriate case in the "Search" results. The online listing for that case will appear on-screen and the case number will be listed on your monitor.

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