Instructions for a Dazey Seal-a-Meal

Kristie Brown

Pioneers cured meat and dug root cellars to make vegetables last through long winter months. Twentieth-century homemakers found numerous ways to stretch their food budget by home canning and freezing. The Dazey Seal-a-Meal was a mid-century marvel that vacuum-sealed fresh foods, extending their shelf and freezer life. While the Dazey-Seal-a-Meal is no longer manufactured, if you still own one or find a vintage machine and bags, follow this set of easy instructions.

Vacuum-sealed bags eliminate the air that contributes to food spoilage.
  1. Plug in the Seal-A-Meal unit, open the lid, and allow it to warm up for approximately two minutes.

  2. Fill the Seal-A-Meal bag with food, leaving about 2 inches of headspace, and ensuring the bag is no more than about 2/3 full and about 1-inch thick. If you are filling bags with food that is wider than 1 inch, take care not to over-fill the bag. For example, if you are sealing corn on the cob, place only one regular-sized ear, or two small ears, in each bag.

  3. Pick up the bag, taking care not to spill the contents, and force some of the extra air out of the bag.

  4. Hook the Seal-A-Meal bag onto the left-hand peg of the unit and pull tautly. Hook the other side on the right-hand peg.

  5. Smooth away any wrinkles and force out any remaining air.

  6. Ensure there is no food in the sealing area. Close the unit and count to three.

  7. Lift the lid and remove the sealed bag, pulling from the left-hand peg first.

  8. Close the lid, which will turn off the unit.