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How to Cut Hard Rubber

Elizabeth Arnold

Hard rubber is a generic name for the product called Vulcanite. Vulcanite was first created by Goodyear, who gave it the brand name Ebonite. The hard rubber is used in products such as the outside body of fountain pens and musical instrument mouthpieces. Use a miter saw when cutting hard rubber, which will allow you to hold the product in a safe manner to reduce slipping while making precise cuts.

Have a tape measure on hand when cutting hard rubber.
  1. Measure the length of hard rubber needed with a tape measure or ruler and mark the measurement on the rubber with a brightly colored felt tip marker for easy visibility.

  2. Attach a finish blade that has 60 or more cutting teeth to the miter saw. Slide the miter saw's blade guard back to expose the blade. Spray both sides of the exposed cutting blade slightly with a water-based lubricant. Release the guard so that it covers the blade.

  3. Lay the hard rubber on the miter saw's table so it lies firmly against the back fence. Slide the rubber piece so the line where the cut will be made rests at the center of the miter saw table's blade opening.

  4. Swing the miter saw blade down until it rests on top of the hard rubber and adjust the rubber piece so that the line matches up with the blade. Allow the miter saw blade to swing up and then squeeze the saw's power trigger, which is on its handle.

  5. Hold the rubber piece firmly against the miter saw's back fence, making sure your fingers are not in the way of the cutting blade. Swing the miter saw down slowly so that the blade cuts completely through the rubber.

  6. Release the miter saw's power trigger while the blade is still pushed all the way down and allow the blade come to a complete stop. Swing the miter saw up and then remove the rubber. Make additional cuts as needed.

  7. Inspect the saw for defects such as cracks in the casing, missing safety guards or electrical cords that have exposed wires before using it to avoid bodily injuries.