How to Change the Blade on a Black & Decker FireStorm Reciprocating Saw

Jack Burton

Reciprocating saws have replaced a standard carpenter's saw for many home and professional construction projects. With the right blade they easily cut through wood, metal and concrete. All reciprocating saw blades are designed around a common style, allowing them to fit into any manufacturer's saw. The Black & Decker FireStorm Reciprocating Saw has an easy method of replacing the blade without the need for tools.

A reciprocating saw makes cutting quick and easy.
  1. Grasp the side-mounted lever and pull up.

  2. Pull the current blade from the saw.

  3. Insert the new blade into the slot. Wiggle it from side to side and back and forth to ensure it is properly set into the space.

  4. Lower the side lever.

  5. Pull vigorously on the blade to check the proper seating. It should be held in the saw with a firm grip.