Three Sequence Combination Lock Instructions

While locks are as old as history — utilized long before the birth of Christ — it wasn't until 1206 that the first recorded padlock came into existence. Muslim Al-Jazari, an Arab scholar, mathematician and inventor, drew a picture of the strange new device in his "Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices." Centuries of refinement led to today's combination lock. A combination lock relies on rotating discs which, when aligned with a pin, allows the lock to open. Each combination lock requires a given "combination" — a sequence of letters or numbers — to align the discs. The three-sequence combination lock is easy to lock and unlock.

Never worry about losing your key with a combination padlock.

Step 1

Position the combination lock so the movable bolt which secures the item to be locked is at the very top. Look for the marking that notates the point with which you must align your numbers; it may be black, red or another distinctive mark.

Step 2

Turn the number or letter dial at least three full rotations in a clockwise direction. This "clears" the lock, preparing it to accept your combination code.

Step 3

Continue another full turn to the right until the first number or letter of your combination code is directly beneath the marker at the top of the lock. Do not turn it past the number. If you go too far, continue around another turn until the number again aligns with the notch. Stop at the proper number or letter.

Step 4

Rotate the dial in a counterclockwise direction to the second number or letter in your combination lock code, making sure that you pass the first number once before stopping. For example, if your combination is 10-0-20, then rotate the dial to the left from 10, all the way around and past 10 to the 0.

Step 5

Turn the lock dial clockwise again, stopping at the last digit of your combination code. For example, move the dial 20 spaces to the 20, aligning it with the indicator at the top of the lock.

Step 6

Pull up on the U-shaped movable bolt to release the lock. Open and release the lock to access the locked item.

Step 7

Place the combination lock so that the movable bolt goes through the item to be secured in a manner that the locked item cannot be removed. Push down on the bolt, driving it back into the body of the lock and listen for the click that indicates it is locked. Tug on the bolt to ensure it is locked.

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