How to Use a Ryobi SC-160

The SC-160 is a scroll saw manufactured by Ryobi, a company that makes a wide range of power and lawn tools, such as saws, drills, trimmers and blowers.

Scroll saws are used to cut very tight curves that jigsaws cannot easily make. Scroll saws slightly resemble band saws. The main difference is that the blade of the scroll saw, unlike that of a band saw, does not run on a continuous loop. Instead, the scroll saw blade reciprocates in a tight pattern.

Set the Ryobi scroll saw on your work bench.

Slip a C-clamp over each corner of the work bench so that the bottom of the clamp attaches to the work bench and the top of the clamp fastens down the scroll saw. Twist the C-clamp screws to the right to secure the saw to the work bench.

Find the hold-down lock lever, which rests approximately six inches behind the blade guard cover. Loosen the lever by turning it to the left. Position it in the direction you need, then tighten the lever by turning it to the right.

Find the blade tension knob and turn it to the tension level you need. Lightly thump the blade once you've adjusted the tension. It should almost sound like a musical note. Do not over- or under-tighten the tension. Over-tightening can cause the blade to break. Under-tightening can make the saw blades wear out too quickly.

Plug the scroll saw in and turn the variable on-off switch to the right to turn the saw on. The on-off switch is located under the blade guard on the base.

Set the piece of wood you are going to cut on the saw blade cover and manually guide the wood slowly into the blade.

Things You Will Need

  • C-clamps
  • Work bench

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