How to Clean Evaporator Coils on a Portable Sharp AC

If you own a Sharp portable air conditioner and want to perform the regular maintenance yourself, you'll have to learn how to change the filter and clean the coils. While filter replacement or cleaning is straightforward, needing only to insert a new filter or vacuum the old one, cleaning the coils requires a bit more effort. The coils can become covered in grime and dirt, causing your portable Sharp air conditioner to underperform.

  1. Open the grille on the Sharp portable air conditioner. You may have to use a screwdriver to get it loose from the appliance.

  2. Pull the filter out with your hands or grasp the filter with a pair of pliers if you cannot pull it out by hand. This will expose the Sharp's air conditioning coils.

  3. Vacuum the filter thoroughly with a crevice attachment to get concentrated suction on the filter's fibers. Set the filter aside.

  4. Straighten any bent coils on the Sharp portable air conditioner with a fin comb. Fin combs are available at most appliance outlets and hardware stores.

  5. Vacuum the Sharp's coils with a crevice attachment, going over the coils several times to get as much dirt and grime up as you can.

  6. Spray the coils with a degreaser. Let the degreaser work to break down any remaining dirt and grime as long as recommended by the manufacturer, then wipe down with rags.

  7. Replace the filter and Sharp air conditioner grille after cleaning the coils.

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