Instructions for the Mirro M-0512

The Mirro M-0512 is a pressure cooker that can be used to cook meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, soup and desserts.

Only adults should use the Mirro pressure cooker to help avoid the risk of injury.Only adults should use the Mirro pressure cooker to help avoid the risk of injury.
The device is sold online and in select culinary supply stores and comes with a limited warranty. It is a straightforward process to operate the cooker, but because of the use of pressure, hot water and steam, it is important to operate the unit very carefully. Only adults should operate the device to help reduce the risk of injury.

Hold the Mirro cover up to a light and examine the vent tube, which should be clear. If it is not clear, insert a piece of wire into the tube and move it back and forth until the tube is clear. Do not use the cooker if the vent tube is not clear.

Set the desired food into the cooker and add water. Do not fill the cooker more than 2/3 full.

Set the gasket into position inside the cover and place the cover on the pan. The handles should be apart and the arrow on the cover should point to the center of the pan handle. Turn the cover clockwise until the handles on the cover are directly located over the handles on the pan. This is very important for proper cooking.

Set the pressure control valve over the vent tube, aligning the control with the hole corresponding with the desired pressure directly on top of the vent tube. Set the cooker on the stove over "High" heat.

Wait for the pressure control to rock, jiggle or sputter and turn the heat down to "Medium" or "Low" until the rocking occurs only 1 to 4 times per minute. Nudge the pressure control if the rocking increases once the heat has been lowered.

Remove the cooker from heat after the desired amount of time and reduce the pressure by running cold water over the cooker for up to one minute (for vegetables or fish) or allowing the cooker to cool at room temperature for five minutes and then running cold water over the cooker (for meats and dried vegetables). Note that the cooker will emit a hissing or squealing sound as pressure reduces. The lock lever will release when the hissing stops.

Nudge the pressure control when there is no more sound and wait to verify that no additional pressure needs to be released. Remove the pressure control by inserting the tine of a fork into one of the holes and lifting up carefully when no more noise is made.

Use an oven mitt to grab the knob and lift straight up. Turn the cover counterclockwise until the handles separate and the cover slides open. Note that steam or hot water may exit the cooker quickly. Keep hands and faces away from the steamer.

Things You Will Need

  • Wire (if necessary)
  • Oven mitt(s)
  • Fork


  • Use only the handles and knobs on the device. Never grab the cooker surface.
  • Fill the cooker only 1/2 full if cooking food that expands, such as rice or dried vegetables.
  • Tap the cover lightly if steam escapes continuously for several minutes.
  • Follow pressure cooker recipes closely in terms of ingredients, water used and time recommended for the best results.


  • Do not cook foods that foam or froth in the cooker.
  • Never try to open the pressure cooker until the pressure has been released and the lever lock is released.
  • Always use oven mitts when handling a hot pressure cooker. Keep hands, faces and other exposed skin away from the hot steam.
  • Keep children and pets away from the cooker.

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