Cutting Tool to Make Screw Threads on Broom Handles

Nathan Fisher

Mated pairs of threads, such as those found on nuts and bolts, are cut with a "tap and die." While different type of taps and dies are used for different types of projects, the procedure is virtually identical; a tap fits into the female part of the pair whereas a die is inserted over the male section. For woodworking projects a wood die, also referred to as a wood thread-cutting tool, is used to make screw threads on objects such as broom handles.

Taps and dies are used to cut matching pairs of threads.

Step 1

Wrap the towel around the middle of the broom handle.

Step 2

Place the middle of the broom handle, wrapped in the towel, into the vise. Close the vise until the broom handle is held securely. Do not over-tighten the vise or you risk cracking the wood.

Step 3

Place the die over the bottom end of the broom handle. Grasp the handles of the die and rotate the die clockwise, twisting the die down onto the shaft.

Step 4

Continue twisting the die onto the broom handle until the die has cut the threads to a sufficient depth to accept the broom head.