Instructions for the Thermo Tech Thermometer

Lisa Wampler

The ThermoTech noncontact infrared laser has the ability to display the surface temperature of any surface you choose. The operation of the unit is very simplistic and will only take a few seconds for you to become an expert using the tool. This tool has several uses. You can use it to measure the temperature of food or to measure the temperature of HVAC heating ducts. As long as the temperature of the object you want to measure falls between minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit you can measure it with this device.

  1. Press the yellow On/Off button located on the lower left corner of the display to turn the unit on. It takes a few seconds for the device to power on completely.

  2. Aim the thermometer at the object you want to measure. Stand at a comfortable distance.

  3. Press the yellow trigger button on the handle of the thermometer. A red laser will protrude from the unit.

  4. Move the thermometer until the laser rests on the surface of what you want to measure. If the laser does not reach the object, move closer to it. The temperature will display on the screen.