How to Decorate a 10 Year Old Girl's Room

If you've just moved into a new home, it's the perfect opportunity for your tween to decorate her room just the way she wants it. Or, you can add a few customized elements to your 10-year-old's existing room to personalize this area of the home and make your not-so-little girl feel inspired or relaxed. Tweens tend to choose bright colors and bold patterns when it comes to home decor, and your 10-year-old may also want to include a few personalized decorative items in the bedroom that will truly make her space one of a kind.

Create a bedroom for your 10-year-old that expresses her love for nature.
  1. Paint the room a new color to start the decoration process. Ask your daughter what her favorite colors are, and work these into the bedroom's decor scheme. For instance, if she loves pink, paint all four walls a light or medium shade of pink like blush pink or magenta.

  2. Use stencils to adorn the accent wall with images that fit the bedroom's theme. If your 10-year-old like butterflies or flowers, purchase large stencils in these shapes and help your daughter paint these picture on the accent wall, using the stencils as guidelines. You can also choose stencils shaped like the letters in your daughter's name or her initials, so she can personalize her accent wall. Or, dab the main wall with sponges dipped in paint in another of the bedroom's hue schemes. For instance, if your tween chooses a blue and green color scheme as an ode to her love for plants and animals, adorn the kelly green wall with ocean blue sponge-painted patterns.

  3. Add furniture that complements the bedroom's theme after the paint dries. For example, include a bed made of lightly colored wood with a chiffon canopy in purple or silver for a princess-themed room. Additional pieces, like a mini vanity painted in a medium shade of pink, an indigo ottoman studded in silver or gold and a mirror shaped like a princess hat helps to make the room's decor scheme consistent.

  4. Place a desk in the bedroom that complements the room's colors so your tween can do her homework comfortably. If neon colors are your tween's choice, choose a lime green desk, since this shade is a vibrant hue that still has a calming energy. If she's chosen a catchy pattern for her room, such as an animal print, a desk with zebra print is fitting.

  5. Complete the bedroom's decoration with an area rug, drapes and throw blankets and pillows. If stripes and polka dots are the motif, add striped curtains to complement the polka-dotted accent wall, along with an area rug in the shape of a circle. So as not to overwhelm your 10-year-old's room with pattern, bring a couple of over-size pillows that fit the color scheme into the room to put on the floor, and drape the corner of the bed with a color-coordinated throw blanket in a different material than the comforter; for example, toss a tweed blanket over a cotton comforter.

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