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How to Troubleshoot an Emerson Wine Cooler

Jon Stefansson

Emerson wine coolers let you chill sparkling, white, rosé and even red wines to their ideal drinking temperatures inside a glass-fronted presentation case. Wine refrigerators free up regular cooler space and can store a greater number of bottles, making them ideal for people who drink a lot of wine. Troubleshooting problems with your Emerson refrigerator involves checking the power supply, the thermostat settings and other variables that affect the appliance’s function.

Troubleshoot your Emerson wine cooler problems.

Step 1

Make sure the wine cooler is plugged in; the power cable might be disconnected or attached to an inactive outlet. Don't use any extension cords or adapter plugs with your wine cooler; they might not be rated high enough for the appliance.

Step 2

Check your home's fuses or circuit breakers if the refrigerator's outlet doesn't seem to be working. An electrical fault could have disconnected the appliance's power supply.

Step 3

Adjust the thermostat using the "Up" and "Down" arrow buttons. Set the fridge between 46 and 54 F for white or rosé wines, between 50 and 57 F for port or sherry or between 54 and 64 F for red wine. You might have the refrigerator temperature set too high for your tastes.

Step 4

Check that there is enough room on all sides of the refrigerator for air to circulate out of the cooling vents. There should be at least 5 inches of space at the top, sides and back of the appliance.

Step 5

Move the refrigerator if its location's ambient temperature is ever more than 32 degrees Fahrenheit more than the refrigerator's target temperature. Hot or humid locations in direct sunlight or close to radiators and ovens are not suitable for your Emerson wine cooler.