How to Put a Plate Groove in a Shelf

Plate displays can be an attractive addition to your home. But to prevent the plates from sliding off the shelf, cutting a groove into the shelf is necessary. With the right tools you can make quick work of this project.

You'll need a plate groove when displaying plates on a shelf.
  1. Measure 2 inches out from the back edge of the shelf at both ends of the shelf and make a pencil mark at each location.

  2. Place a straightedge or yardstick on the shelf, connecting the two marks. Trace a line along the edge with the pencil.

  3. Set a router to make a U-shaped groove, 1/4-inch deep. Place the router at one end of the shelf and cut along the line to the other end.

  4. Sand any rough edges along the groove with fine sandpaper.


  • Use care when working with any power tool.

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