How to Change Combination Lock Codes

Combination locks come in many forms, from a padlock to protect lockers to those fitted into briefcases to secure valuable papers within. Some combination locks let you update the combination from home, reducing the likelihood of someone discovering your code and accessing your belongings. Exactly how you change your combination lock code depends on the manufacturer and the type of lock. Despite the differences between locks, combinations are usually changed in a similar fashion.

Combination locks provide a basic level of security for your private documents or belongings.
  1. Enter your existing combination and open the lock. Look for a change switch or reset button inside the case, container, safe or locker. The button is sometimes located on the lock itself. It is separate from the container it secures.

  2. Move the dials or push the buttons to enter a new combination. Leave the lock in position and move the button or switch back to its original position. The new combination is now programmed into the lock.

  3. Test your new combination with the case, container, safe or locker open, it should open the lock if it has been programmed correctly. Close the container and scramble the combination dials. Your new code is now ready for use.